Bay Area Real Estate Update: May 19, 2020

We are seeing a recovery in real estate demand in the Bay Area. New listings and new demand are coming back on the market, and the best properties are being put into contract quickly again. We are seeing an interesting move – the separation of the “best” properties from the rest. I will outline someContinue reading “Bay Area Real Estate Update: May 19, 2020”

Bay Area Coronavirus Weekly Update – May 6, 2020

This is an interesting time for residential real estate in the Bay Area. Anecdotally, I am seeing demand pick up and buyers come into the market. There are tremors that renters are looking to move out of SF given the work from home shift permanently, but I believe there are more than enough buyers inContinue reading “Bay Area Coronavirus Weekly Update – May 6, 2020”

Mortgage Rates Update – May 2020

You can see the decline in rates over time in these three charts. The decline in rates lowers the cost of capital and may spur increased buying activity. There is a correlation among Fed funds rates and the mortgage products, but there is added complexity when considering supply and demand of the housing stock. EnjoyContinue reading “Mortgage Rates Update – May 2020”

Bay Area Coronavirus Update

Interesting trends are starting to emerge out of the real estate market in the Bay Area. Monitoring the week-over-week trends gives us some insights into supply and demand on the residential side. If you want more like this, subscribe to my blog at Let’s dive in. Trend 1: Prices still staying flat Median pricesContinue reading “Bay Area Coronavirus Update”

Which MBA programs are best for real estate?

I am quoted in the US News and World Report article on which MBA programs are best for aspiring real estate professionals. Please read on below and see the link for more. INDIVIDUALS WHO LIKE the idea of buying and selling tangible things are often attracted to the real estate industry, since it is a businessContinue reading “Which MBA programs are best for real estate?”

San Francisco Weekly Real Estate Update – April 2020

Weekly charts help to lay out the recent changes in the San Francisco city market. I suspect many of these trends are just starting to emerge given that real estate markets often lag the public markets, and that real estate in the Bay Area is tied to the NASDAQ historically. If you want to readContinue reading “San Francisco Weekly Real Estate Update – April 2020”

Bay Area Real Estate Update: Coronavirus

Real estate markets (like most private markets) often lag the public markets. We have seen a remarkable drop and rise as the Fed has backstopped most risk assets, including CMBS and many real estate debt instruments. What is of note is that the Fed is also supporting non-investment grade notes, which could have impacts beyondContinue reading “Bay Area Real Estate Update: Coronavirus”